Small-scale fisherman fishing with a net off the coast of Paternoster in the Western Cape.

The traditional fishermen here live just has they always have, subsisting on snoek and crayfish caught by hand from their colourful wooden boats. Fisher wives collect mussels and veldkool and prepare dishes to old family recipes, sharing meals with neighbours. It lends an air of community and timelessness to the little village, as does the gentle pace of life lived to tides and winds.

In the old days, a boatbuilding factory also operated from the beachfront and Redro fishpaste factory was born in Paternoster. The Paternoster Hotel, opened in the 1930s, was Solomon Tollman’s first property; today his Red Carnation Hotels Collection is international and highly esteemed. Also with a long history in the village, dating back to 1957, is The Paternoster Property Group. They’re integrally involved in developing the village sensitively to honour the past and appreciate the present, while planning the future. Maintaining this integrity is paramount to them.

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