The idyllic setting of the Mosselbank Beach is complemented by great waves and plenty of accommodation nearby. This beach is one of the gems of Paternoster, along the Cape West Coast of South Africa. It is all about beautiful blue waters, golden sands, and quaint homes that are perched right on the edge of the beach.

Mosselbank Beach is one of the highlights of Paternoster, thanks to its untouched beauty and the undeniable sense of tranquillity here. This little town is also home to many restaurants, art galleries, and quirky shops. It is delightful to explore and the ideal weekend getaway for anyone that needs to escape the pace of the big city. Paternoster is less than two hours from Cape Town, and only a few minutes from Langebaan.

The Mosselbank Beach is excellent for surfing, swimming, stand-up paddling, fishing and kayaking. The Atlantic waters are a little cooler than those of the Indian Ocean, but are ultimately refreshing and invigorating during hot South African summers. Crayfish enthusiasts can also dive at Mosselbank and search for some shellfish for the table. Dolphins can often be seen surfing the waves or leaping out behind them. During the latter half of the year, whales also make their way past Paternoster, and are always fantastic to spot from the shore.

Snorkelling and SCUBA diving in the waters off Mosselbank are lovely ways to experience the marine fauna and flora, and the serenity that only exists under the water’s surface.

The area around the beach and Paternoster is also home to a number of hiking and mountain biking trails. Exploring the area on foot or from a bicycle’s saddle promises to be an incredible experience; one for the memory bank.

The Columbine Nature Reserve is only five kilometres from the beach and is home to the Cape Columbine Lighthouse, as well as a variety of beautiful plants, birds, and other animals.

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